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When a court date is looming ever closer, the harsh reality of criminal law and facing a judge sets in. Don’t be caught unprepared without the guidance of an experience criminal defense attorney. Team up with Hartford Law Firm in Billings, MT to prepare for the best possible outcome.

Our legal team will go over the details of your case to be sure you know every step of the criminal law process and understand the possible consequences you’re facing, even with the best criminal defense. We strive to provide a fair, effective defense while protecting your rights. We specialize in criminal defense, but also provide legal representation for a wide variety of charges, including:

• Drug related offenses
• Felonies and misdemeanors
• Breaking and entering
• Suspended licenses
• Divorce
• Child custody
• Adoptions
Bankruptcy, including Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and many other legal issues you may be facing

No matter what charges you’re facing, we’ll give you the criminal defense you deserve to protect your rights. Schedule a consultation with a legal expert at Hartford Law Firm to get started on your case.

Three Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Billings

Three Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Billings

Criminal charges are serious matters and a conviction could bar you from future employment opportunities and the right to vote. It could even make renting a home difficult.

If you’ve been charged with a crime there’s no time to waste. The Hartford Law Firm of Billings, Montana will advocate on your behalf in the courtroom and work hard to protect you from jail time or a conviction.

Still not convinced you need legal assistance? Read on for the benefits of hiring a Billings criminal attorney:

Protect Yourself Against the Prosecution

Protect Yourself Against the Prosecution

The Hartford Law Firm will assess the opposing parties’ evidence and find any weak points in their arguments, using it to give you a fair chance. Don’t risk fighting dirty prosecutors just looking for a conviction. Level the playing field with the help of our criminal defense lawyers for the best possible outcome.

Minimize Your Sentence

If you’re being charged with a crime of which you’re guilty, you could still benefit from the help of a criminal attorney. The Hartford Law Firm can work with the prosecution to minimize your sentence, securing a plea deal for a decreased charge or an alternative sentence such as probation. Give yourself a chance with the guidance of the Hartford Law Firm.

Wipe Clean Your Criminal Record

Even if you have been convicted of a crime, that doesn’t mean it’s the end. Hartford’s legal team can help you get your criminal record expunged. We’ll examine the details of your case to determine if filing an appeal would be in your best interest and request that a charge be removed from your record.

Whether you’ve been convicted of breaking and entering and wish to remove the charge from your record or need assistance for your trial to minimize the consequences, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to the Hartford Law Firm to discuss the details of your charge today.

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